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New Dingux released - Gmu update required

2009-07-22 05:23
A new Dingux version has been released, which comes with a new rootfs. An EXT3 partition on the SD card is no longer needed. Actually EXT3 support has been dropped from the Dingux kernel in favor of FAT to make installing Dingux from Windows easier and reduce the kernel size. Due to other changes dynamically linked programs need to be recompiled for this Dingux version. Here is a new Gmu release which is compatible with the latest Dingux release.


To run Gmu extract the zip file to your SD card and execute in the Gmu directory. (0.8 MB)

Gmu 0.7.0_BETA4 for Dingux released

2009-07-18 05:23
Here is another Gmu release for the Dingoo. Most notably it fixes an annoying bug where the backlight would not turn back on after a while when the hold mode had been enabled. (0.9 MB)

You need Dingux with a uclibc-based rootfs to run Gmu.

New Gmu beta release for the Dingoo (0.7.0 BETA3)

2009-07-10 05:23
Here is a new Gmu Beta release for the Dingoo A320. This release comes with some major improvements and bugfixes including:
  • Backlight power-off is now functional on the Dingoo (backlight will be turned off when the hold mode is enabled as well as after a configurable amount of time without pressing a button)
  • FLAC decoder now comes with meta data tag support
  • MP3 decoder does no longer crash Gmu with broken/invalid files
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Broken Dingoo SD slot

2009-07-10 05:23
The Dingoo is a really nice device, but unfortunately the MiniSD slot on my Dingoo got broken after a few days. As I did not want to send the Dingoo back and wait a month or so for a replacement, I decided to open it and check if it is repairable.


As you can see in the picture one of the pins in the SD slot has been bent badly. I was able to bend it back such that I could insert my MiniSD card and make it temporarily work again. There is no way of removing it without destroying the slot, though.
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