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Gmu 0.7.1 released

2010-07-03 00:05
I have just released Gmu 0.7.1. As usual you can download the latest Gmu version here at This release comes with some new features as well as some bug fixes.

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Pandora size comparison

2010-06-08 15:42
I have been asked to post a picture showing some handheld consoles to compare their sizes to the Pandora handheld. So here it is, a picture, showing the Dingoo A330, the Dingoo A320, the GP2X-F100, the Pandora console and the Ben NanoNote.

The Pandora's size (when closed) is almost identical to that of the GP2X. Also, they are both equally thick when including the GP2X's battery compartment, which sticks out a little.

Gmu on the Pandora

2010-06-08 15:42
Here is a screenshot of the first Gmu build running on the Pandora. It is not finished yet, but a first Pandora beta release will be ready soon. So, stay tuned!

Pandora review

2010-06-05 15:42


I've just got my new Pandora console today and now I want to give you some impressions about this new device.

The Pandora is a handheld device designed by a few people from the GP2X community, built with money collected through pre-orders which started about one and a half year ago. Its release was delayed many times, but now the first units have been shipped to the customers. I was among the first to receive their Pandora console.

The Pandora came without any fancy package. Instead it came in bubble wrapping only. This was not a problem though. It arrived in good condition.

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