Gmu 0.9.1 released

2013-02-20 10:26
Gmu Music Player 0.9.1 released!

Here is a minor update to the previously released Gmu 0.9.0.

Gmu with default theme with new nice large font It comes with some new features and bugfixes, including:
  • Volume control in gmuc Gmu ncurses interface
  • Flush input buffer in gmuc when handling scrolling to allow for more precise scrolling on slower devices
  • New Gmu command line option -l: Allows to specify a playlist file to load on start
  • Minor update to the default theme with the large font (playback time was a little off-screen on small displays)
  • README.txt update (adding some more information about gmuc)
  • BUILD.txt update (adding some information about the various Makefile targets)
  • Configuring gmuhttp to listen on external interfaces should work reliably now
Experimental Gmu web frontend
gmu-0.9.1.pnd (Pandora package, 2.5 MB)
md5sum: 6d7f5fb4d9f90117132ddf01d6a42ff4 ) (Caanoo package, 0.7 MB)
md5sum: e83478a83f747b77f0ede1db7cbe9008 (Open Dingux package, 0.7 MB)
md5sum: 5d0f592f3240783c7ad0301f4130dc21

gmu-0.9.1.tar.gz (Source, GPLv2, 0.5 MB)
md5sum: b9beb8ae21828c637821fcc98b989603

Chibiko (web) says:
2014-01-13 07:14:32
one more time without patch to see russian encode cp1251.....
/sob sob
wej (web) says:
2014-01-13 10:51:18
Chibiko: I have not forgotten about support for russian characters. Unfortunately my time to work on Gmu is limited and there are always lots of things to do. So I could either postpone Gmu releases until every last feature is implemented or I can release new versions every once in a while with the possibility of not including every feature people have suggested. I've chosen the second option.
As for the patch, it is not as simple as merging the patch as is. Gmu internally uses UTF-8 now. The only exception is the rendering part in the SDL frontend, which needs to map UTF-8 characters to the corresponding bitmap font characters. For ISO-8859-15 (western european character set), this is easy, because those characters exactly match the first Unicode characters. Doing the same for russian is of course possible, but needs some thought to do properly.
deeice (web) says:
2014-01-25 13:07:51
I can't remember if I mentioned this already but gmenu2x targets many of the same devices as gmu, and the nanonote, dingux, and openwrt zipit branch of gmenu2x uses a png font file with maybe 300 chars, including what looks to me like some russian. You can see the list of chars they chose here.

I don't know how much thought went into which chars or how to order them, but the code is a modified version of sfont so it may be easy to patch into gmu and share font files with gmenu2x.