Breakpoint 2010 Impressions

2010-04-10 15:42
Breakpoint was a huge demo scene party which took place in Bingen/Germany over the easter weekend since 2003. It was one of the biggest demo scene parties with visitors from all over the world. Breakpoint 2010 was the last Breakpoint party and was also the one with the most visitors. With over 1000 visitors, the party hall was extremely full this year.

Here are a few photos of Breakpoint 2010. Those are probably not the typical party pictures with shots of those crazy party people. ;) There are plenty of those on the net, so if searching for those, look elsewhere.

The party hall:

Vimacs' Pandora handheld prototype:

Networking hardware used for running the party network:

The internet connection consisted of four 16 MBit ADSL lines and two HSPA connections:

Network surveillance:

The bonfire outside the party hall:

The beer garden at night:

The UFO-shaped party hall:

The bigscreen:

A view from the grandstand on the bigscreen:

The Beam Team area:

The 18,000 lumens HD projector:
Y0Gi (web) says:
2010-05-21 15:31:00
FYI, the hardware in picture #10 is our local DECT phone system.

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