Mouse repair

2010-02-04 20:13
I've got one of these mice:

Logitech V470 Mouse

It is a Logitech V470 Bluetooth mouse and it is about two years old. Unfortunately, recently the left mouse button decided to not perform any single clicks anymore. Instead only double and triple clicks were possible. This was very annoying.

I decided not to throw it in the trash but try to repair it.
So, first I disassembled the mouse.

Disassembled mouse

Here is the culprit. The switch of the left mouse button needs to be replaced.

Broken switch

To find a replacement switch I've opened a very old mouse...

Old mouse is so old, it even has a ball instead of an optical sensor.

Old mouse

Luckily the switches used in that mouse had exactly the same dimensions as those used in my Bluetooth mouse.

Replacement switch

This is what the desoldered switch looks like. I've used the switch of the right mouse button, as this one has probably been used much less than that of the left button.

Replacement switch from old mouse

Then I have removed the broken switch from the Bluetooth mouse...


...and replaced it with the switch from the old mouse.

Replaced switch

After putting everything back together, the mouse is as good as new. No more unintended double and tripple clicks.

Logitech V470 Mouse
junaid khan shinwari (web) says:
2010-08-13 15:25:17
nice work done sir,i have the same mouse but when i put new battries it does not connect and the blue light also do not switch on.please can u help me solve the me on

Jan (web) says:
2011-07-22 16:25:31
How did you open the mouse?
How many srews are in there?
wej (web) says:
2011-07-23 16:45:16
Jan: There are two screws under the two pads left and right beside the Logitech logo. You have to remove those pads to access the screws. They are glued to the case and can be removed pretty easily. Additionally there are a few screws inside the battery compartment. Once you've removed all those screws, you can easily open the mouse.
wej (web) says:
2011-07-23 16:46:32
Just to avoid any confusion: Of course I mean the logo at the bottom side of the mouse. ;)
SMS Computer Solutions (web) says:
2011-09-04 09:40:37
Good job! I'm wondering how did you easily known the main culprit of the problem. I've tried repairing my stuff before but I always end up repairing the wrong one so I stop doing it and ask for help instead.
Petes (web) says:
2013-04-29 03:28:18
You could also open the switch and sand the contacts.

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