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Debian Wheezy Image for Seagate Dockstar

2013-05-12 20:59
I've been running Arch Linux on most of my machines, including the Dockstar, but I am getting more and more annoyed by the horrible system breakages that occur regularly when updating Arch. The amount of maintenance required is just too high for my taste - even for a rolling release distro it does not have to be that bad.

So I decided to install Debian Wheezy on my Dockstar, which, as it turned out is not as easy as I would have liked. There is no image available like there is for Arch, which is why I packaged my installation after going through all the trouble getting a working system.
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Adding a fourth USB port to the Dockstar

2010-11-12 14:30
The Seagate Dockstar comes with three USB ports and an additional port for a Freeagent Go harddisk. As I am not using the Dockstar with such a harddisk, I did not use that port. Since the port does not use some non-standard connector but a mini-USB connector found on many devices, it can easily be converted to a standard USB host port using a suitable adaptor. With such an adaptor it works just like the other USB ports.

mini-USB to USB host adaptor

It is pretty nice for installing a wireless adaptor since it is then aligned vertically.

Dockstar repair with serial cable

2010-10-13 13:49
I recently bought a Seagate Freeagent Go Dockstar, which is basically a SheevaPlug device with less RAM and Flash memory for a lot less money (~ $25). It comes with the same 1.2 GHz Feroceon 88FR131 CPU as the SheevaPlug. Unfortunately my Dockstar device arrived in dead condition.


When I first started the device its LED was flashing green for a few seconds (boot loader phase) and then began flashing amber. That is all that was happening. It did not aquire an IP address from my DHCP server nor was it reachable on its default IP address.

As I did not want to bring it back to the store where I bought it and because I intended not to use the pre-installed Pogoplug software anyway, I opened the device to check what was going on.
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