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Craptastic Coding Competition 2009

2009-09-24 05:23
Finally, the results of the Craptastic Coding Competition 2009 have been published. Although my entry didn't make it in the top three, you still might want to try it. It is a Dingoo release (Dingux) called

Alice in Crapland.

As you can already see on the screenshot it is a jump'n'run game.

Alice in Crapland

You can download the game right here: (3.7 MB, Dingux)

Maybe eventually I will release a GP2X version of this game too. Also, I consider improving this game further (adding more levels, a menu and a few enhancement here and there) as suggested by Nova. Ten days isn't that much time for developing a game anyway. ;) But as you can see, it is a crappy great game already, so go and grab your copy right now! :D