XMMS Serial Remote Control Plugin

XMMS remote controlFor Winamp there exists a small plugin which allows you to control Winamp through a simple cable remote control, connected to your serial port. I could not find such a plugin for XMMS 1.2.7 (under Linux), so I wrote such a plugin myself, which allows me to control XMMS with my serial cable remote control. On this page you will find this plugin and of course the circuit diagram for the (very simple) remote control. You can choose for which functions you want to use the remote control's buttons, e.g. Play/Pause, Next title, Previous title, Stop, Shuffle, etc. The plugin is free software. I have released it under the GNU General Public License. For installation notes please take a look at the README file.

wsremote-0.1.1.tar.gz (11kB)


The circuit is very simple: By pressing a button on the remote control the according status bit (DCD, DSR, CTS or RI) is set. The plugin detects that and performs the requested action.