DOS Games

Here you will find some of my DOS-based games. These games are rather old, but still might be fun to play. You don't need a real DOS computer to run these games. You can use DOSBox instead, which runs on many modern operating systems including Linux and Windows.


Miniball is a tiny breakout-clone. The game's size is only 32k bytes. Requires: 486, VGA, DOS, optional: CD-ROM drive+audio cd. Programmed in September 1999 using C++ (Borland). (32 kB)

Stunts Terrain Editor

Stunts Terrain Editor ist not a game, but a terrain editor for Broderbund's Stunts. Requires: 286, 640 kB, VGA, DOS, Mouse. Programmed in February 1998 using C++ (Borland). (30 kB)


Crates is a funny sokoban game. Requires: 286, 640 kB, VGA, DOS. Programmed in August 1997 using C++ (Borland). (53 kB)