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Gmu 0.7.0_BETA8 - First Gmu Open Source Release (Update)

2010-02-26 15:42
Gmu has been around for quite some time now and previous versions of Gmu always have been released as Freeware. Today I release another version of Gmu. It is another beta release of the 0.7.0 series and hopefully the last beta release until the final 0.7.0 release. Over the past few years, people have frequently asked me if I would release the source code of the Gmu music player, but until today I didn't. Although I had planned to release Gmu as open source software, I always wanted to make Gmu somewhat feature-complete, first. Now Gmu is very close to such a state. Of course there will always be features worth adding and bugs that need to be fixed, but (in my opinion) it is in a very usable state.
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Gmu on the Ben NanoNote

2010-01-11 05:23
The Ben NanoNote is a handheld device with hardware similar to the Dingoo A320. It runs Linux as its operating system (OpenWRT). Instead of gaming controls it has a qwerty keyboard. Probably the most interesting aspect about this device is its open hardware design.

Here is a photo of a Ben NanoNote running the Gmu music player. The Gmu port for the Ben NanoNote is not finished yet, so there is no public release yet.

I do not currently own a Ben NanoNote myself. That is why the photo has been taken by zear of the Dingoo community, who has been helping with testing Gmu on the device.
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