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Mouse repair

2010-02-04 20:13
I've got one of these mice:

Logitech V470 Mouse

It is a Logitech V470 Bluetooth mouse and it is about two years old. Unfortunately, recently the left mouse button decided to not perform any single clicks anymore. Instead only double and triple clicks were possible. This was very annoying.

I decided not to throw it in the trash but try to repair it.
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Broken Dingoo SD slot

2009-07-10 05:23
The Dingoo is a really nice device, but unfortunately the MiniSD slot on my Dingoo got broken after a few days. As I did not want to send the Dingoo back and wait a month or so for a replacement, I decided to open it and check if it is repairable.


As you can see in the picture one of the pins in the SD slot has been bent badly. I was able to bend it back such that I could insert my MiniSD card and make it temporarily work again. There is no way of removing it without destroying the slot, though.
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