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Gmu 0.7.0_BETA5 for Dingoo A320, GP2X and GP2X Wiz

2009-08-18 05:23
Here is a new Gmu release. It is available for the Dingoo A320 running Dingux, the GP2X running Open2X and the GP2X Wiz.

Gmu on Dingoo and GP2X-F100

This release comes with several new* features:

  • Module decoder plugin (using MikMod) for playing tracker modules (such as MOD, STM, S3M, IT, XM, ...)
  • Improved MP3 playback performance on GP2X and Wiz (MP3 @ 85 MHz on the GP2X) due to improved ARM assembly in mpg123
  • Hardware and software volume control which should allow better volume control on the Wiz and might reduce background noise
  • Lyrics support (text files and lyrics from ID3v2 tags are supported)
  • Cover artwork support
  • Display-off feature on the Wiz
  • Various bugfixes

* At least they are new for the 0.7.0 branch. Some might have been available in the old 0.6.X branch already.

Grab your copy of the latest Gmu release here: (GP2X and Wiz release, 820 kB) (Dingoo release, 750 kB)

Gmu 0.7.0_BETA4 for the GP2X Wiz released

2009-07-19 05:23
Here is another Gmu release of the upcoming Gmu 0.7.0! This time it is a version for the GP2X Wiz. It also runs on the GP2X F100/F200 with the Open2X firmware installed. Beware that this is a very experimental release. Unfortunately I currently do not own a Wiz myself, so I was not able to test it on the Wiz. (0.6 MB)

On the Wiz use gmu-wiz.gpu to run Gmu. On the GP2X use gmu-gp2x.gpu instead.
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