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Plugbox Linux on the Zipit Z2

2011-02-23 18:12
Plugbox Linux is a port of Arch Linux to the ARM platform. It is mainly targeted at those Plug computers. Since the Zipit Z2 uses a ARMv5 CPU just like most Plug computers do, running Plugbox Linux on the Z2 is possible.

Plugbox on Z2

Here I'll describe how to install Plugbox on a Zipit Z2.

If you want to try this yourself, you need a PC with a working card reader running some kind of Linux. Your Zipit Z2 needs to have U-Boot installed.
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Custom key mappings on my small Zipit rootfs

2011-02-10 21:54
On my Zipit Z2 rootfs the key table is stored in the file z2.kmap located in the /etc folder. As required by busybox's loadkmap utility, this file needs to be in a special binary format. So you cannot simply edit the file to change the keymapping. What you need to do is edit the text version of that file and then compile it into the required binary format. You can do that on any Linux computer with the loadkeys utility.
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Gmu Music Player 0.7.2 released

2010-12-29 14:58
Here is another Gmu release with several new features and bugfixes. Once again Gmu is available for several platforms: GP2X, GP2X Wiz, Dingoo A320/A330, Ben Nanonote, Pandora Handheld and for the first time the Zipit Z2. Caanoo users please have a look here.

Gmu 0.7.2
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Updated version of my small Linux system for the Zipit Z2

2010-12-02 16:04
Here is an updated version of my small Zipit Z2 Linux System.

The Z2 with weechat and bitlbee

The most important changes since the last version are:

  • Updated kernel with deep sleep support
  • Inclusion of bitlbee (for instant messaging through Jabber (XMPP), ICQ, etc.
  • Support of the front LEDs of the Z2 (low battery indicator and wireless traffic indicator)
  • Small Gmu music player update
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Small Linux system for the Zipit Z2

2010-09-04 11:45
I have created a small Linux system for the Zipit Z2 wireless messenger device. I have created the rootfs from scratch, so it is not based on any of the other System images available for the Z2 (like z2buntu or Debian). It boots up pretty fast and comes with several applications preinstalled including WeeChat (an IRC client), Links (text-based webbrowser), mutt (an e-mail client) and the Gmu music player. I have also included mplayer.

Zipit Z2 running Linux
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