Broken Dingoo SD slot

2009-07-10 05:23
The Dingoo is a really nice device, but unfortunately the MiniSD slot on my Dingoo got broken after a few days. As I did not want to send the Dingoo back and wait a month or so for a replacement, I decided to open it and check if it is repairable.


As you can see in the picture one of the pins in the SD slot has been bent badly. I was able to bend it back such that I could insert my MiniSD card and make it temporarily work again. There is no way of removing it without destroying the slot, though.
Two ideas how to solve that problem came to my mind. Either I could replace the whole slot if I find some place where I can buy a compatible slot that I could solder in as a replacement or I could try to solder a MiniSD-to-MicroSD adapter on top of the broken MiniSD slot. That way I would have a Dingoo with a MicroSD slot, which wouldn't be too bad. If you know a place where to buy replacement slots or if you know if there are MiniSD-to-MicroSD adapters where one can remove the micro sd card without removing if from the MiniSD slot, please let me know. :)
RufusDufus (web) says:
2009-07-11 14:01:23
Hi There
What about using a mini-SD to TF adapter, like one of these:

If you can solder the contacts onto the SD slot permanently, you could simply use TF cards, and remove them from the adapter as required.
wejp (web) says:
2009-07-11 15:54:23
Thanks for your suggestion. As that adapter is so cheap, it is definitely worth a try.
willy (web) says:
2009-07-11 16:30:23
Hi, one of my pins is bent too, but I can’t get my dingoo to read the card though I have bent it back. What am I doing wrong?

willy (web) says:
2009-07-11 17:44:23
Hello again, I checked the pin again and bent it more accurately this time and now my dingoo reads the miniSD. Feels good! Now I can install Dingux.

Liz (web) says:
2009-07-18 08:26:23
i had my micro sd card stuck in the tmobile sims card slot yesterday and when the dumb ppl who took it out they brok my sd micro card in half :( iam very bumbed out because that sd card has all of my pics from the last 2yrs and i want to know if it can be repaired to where i can get my pics out of that memory??? and one of the little copper strips is a bit bent on the side.
wedra (web) says:
2009-07-18 11:50:23
Hi, I’ve got another problem with sd slot: it doesn’t keep my card… it doesn’t make the “clicky” noise and my card is ejected… I’ve open my dingo and I’ve notice a little metal piece that isn’t fixed… someone could give me some photos of the slot w/ and w/o the card to see if I could repair it?

Thanks… cheers from Italy (and sorry for my poor english)
ruffnutts (web) says:
2009-07-20 21:56:23
Well I just got my card through the post – soon as I plug it in the slot – it wont stay – so it looks like this was broke when I bought it brand new from – I`ve mailed them about it – hope they can sot it out – the only way to keep it in, is tape it – BTW Dingux is the biz :-)

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