Gmu 0.7.0_BETA4 for the GP2X Wiz released

2009-07-19 05:23
Here is another Gmu release of the upcoming Gmu 0.7.0! This time it is a version for the GP2X Wiz. It also runs on the GP2X F100/F200 with the Open2X firmware installed. Beware that this is a very experimental release. Unfortunately I currently do not own a Wiz myself, so I was not able to test it on the Wiz. (0.6 MB)

On the Wiz use gmu-wiz.gpu to run Gmu. On the GP2X use gmu-gp2x.gpu instead.
Der GP2x WIZ Blog (web) says:
2009-07-24 00:05:00
Gmu Music Player…

wejp hat den vom GP2x bekannten alternativen Music Player Gmu auf den Wiz geportet. Im Gegensatz zum eingebauten Player unterstützt er mehr Codecs, wie z.B. (neben OGG und MP3) MP2, Musepack (MPC) und FLAC. Außerdem einige Module und ADLIB Tracker Fo…..
Promised Planet (web) says:
2009-07-27 21:16:00
Thanks for the Wiz port! I’ve been waiting for this since I got my Wiz. I’ll leave you a donation.
Daphnes (web) says:
2009-07-27 21:58:00
For some reason it will open with no display when launched from the gmenu2x. It does not freeze, for you can just press Menu+Select and it’ll close the app. Will work perfectly when run from the official menu.
sebk (web) says:
2009-07-27 22:28:00
Great player , playlists and random function , I like it! I tried it on the wiz + 1.1.0 firmware .
But the sound is too low, emulators and the official player have a much louder sound (approx 2x), if you could fix it on a next release :)
wejp (web) says:
2009-07-27 22:51:00
@sebk: I’m aware of the volume issue and it will be fixed in the next release.
Actually Gmu’s maximum volume is not any lower than that of other programs, but the volume cannot be increased above the volume that has been used before. So as a temporary workaround you can increase volume with another application and then run Gmu which should then be able to be as loud as any other application.
sebk (web) says:
2009-07-27 23:45:00
Great ! i’m waiting for it !

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