Gmu 0.7.0_BETA5 for Dingoo A320, GP2X and GP2X Wiz

2009-08-18 05:23
Here is a new Gmu release. It is available for the Dingoo A320 running Dingux, the GP2X running Open2X and the GP2X Wiz.

Gmu on Dingoo and GP2X-F100

This release comes with several new* features:

  • Module decoder plugin (using MikMod) for playing tracker modules (such as MOD, STM, S3M, IT, XM, ...)
  • Improved MP3 playback performance on GP2X and Wiz (MP3 @ 85 MHz on the GP2X) due to improved ARM assembly in mpg123
  • Hardware and software volume control which should allow better volume control on the Wiz and might reduce background noise
  • Lyrics support (text files and lyrics from ID3v2 tags are supported)
  • Cover artwork support
  • Display-off feature on the Wiz
  • Various bugfixes

* At least they are new for the 0.7.0 branch. Some might have been available in the old 0.6.X branch already.

Grab your copy of the latest Gmu release here: (GP2X and Wiz release, 820 kB) (Dingoo release, 750 kB)
sebk (web) says:
2009-08-19 18:45:00
Hello, thank you for improving your player !
I tried it on a Wiz , the display-off feature seems not to work , the screen freezes only .
The sound control is effective from 1 to 15 , from 16 to 115 i can’t hear a variation on the volume . 15 is the max and the sound stays as low as the previous version .
Keep working on it :)
wejp (web) says:
2009-08-19 22:45:00
@sebk: Thanks for the feedback. That’s weird with the display-off feature. Probably, I broke it just before the release. I will fix it of course. As for the volume control: This has been reported by others as well. It seems the Wiz uses a different mixer channel for volume control than the GP2X. I will try to fix it.

If you or anybody else reading this, wants to help a little (I still do not own a Wiz, so I can’t test it on the real device), you can send me the debug output of Gmu. The easiest way of doing that is to edit the gmu-wiz.gpu file with a text editor to redirect the debug output to a text file, like so:

Changing the line

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=libs.wiz/ ./gmu


LD_LIBRARY_PATH=libs.wiz/ ./gmu >debug.log 2>debug.log

That will generate a text file called debug.log which might be helpful for me.
sebk (web) says:
2009-08-20 09:35:00
cd `dirname $0`
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=libs.wiz/ ./gmu >debug.log 2>debug.log
cd /usr/gp2x

gmu-wiz.gpu writes like that ?

It crashes the Wiz at the loading screen when I launch gmu :(
wejp (web) says:
2009-08-20 12:49:00
@sebk: Could you try it with this file again?

Maybe there is a problem with the file format. This can happen when using a text editor that does not support unix linebreaks, such as Notepad.

It should not crash the Wiz as all it does is redirect the standard out and standard error output to a file.
sebk (web) says:
2009-08-20 13:11:00
Here is the debug file:

gmu: Detected device: GP2X-F100
gmu: Loading configuration…
gmu: Searching for decoders in /mnt/sd/gmu-0.7.0_BETA5-GP2X/decoders.
decloader: 6 decoders found.
decloader: Loading was successful.
decloader: FLAC_decoder: Name: FLAC decoder v0.3
decloader: FLAC_decoder: File extensions: .flac
decloader: Loading was successful.
decloader: module_decoder: Name: Mikmod module decoder v0.1
decloader: module_decoder: File extensions: .mod;.it;.stm;.s3m;.xm;.669;.ult;.m15
decloader: Loading was successful.
decloader: mpg123_decoder: Name: mpg123 MPEG decoder v0.9
decloader: mpg123_decoder: File extensions: .mp3;.mp2;.mp1
decloader: Loading was successful.
decloader: mpc_decoder: Nafileplayer: Stop playback!
audio: Closing device.
audio: Pause!
fileplayer: Playback stopped.
fileplayer: Decoder thread finished.
audio: Device closed.
gmu: Saving playlist…
gmu: Playlist file: /mnt/sd/gmu-0.7.0_BETA5-GP2X/playlist.m3u
gmu: Saving settings…
s successful.
decloader: wavpack_decoder: Name: WavPack decoder v0.2
decloader: wavpack_decoder: File extensions: .wv;.wvc
oss_mixer: No mixers available.
oss_mixer: Volume settings: master=5140 pcm=0
oss_mixer: Selected mixer: -1
gmu: Playlist length: 313 items
gmu: Searching for frontends in /mnt/sd/gmu-0.7.0_BETA5-GP2X/frontends.
feloader: 1 frontends found.
feloader: Loading was successful.
feloader: SDL_frontend: Name: Gmu SDL frontend v0.9
sdl_frontend: Got event: 1
sdl_frontend: Unhandled event: 1
Using tslib touchscreen
audio: volume=128 (128/16)
oss_mixer: No suitable mixer available.
gmu: Playing item 157 from current playlist!

(edit by wejp: removed the unimportant parts of the log to make it a little shorter)
wejp (web) says:
2009-09-01 17:52:00
Thanks for the log. Indeed it was very useful. The problem is, that the Wiz sound driver is broken. Although there is a master volume channel (a volume value can be read for that channel), it reports it has no volume channels available at all. That’s why Gmu does not choose a channel for hardware volume control.
Now that I know that, I can force Gmu to select the master channel on the Wiz.
sebk (web) says:
2009-09-14 10:39:00
I hope you will release it soon :)
Snip (web) says:
2009-09-16 19:19:00

just a quick drop to say a big thx for de mod support!!

I use the dingoo version and eveythings seems to work so far, display-off, volume feature…

Thank you again!

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