Gmu 0.7.1 released

2010-07-03 00:05
I have just released Gmu 0.7.1. As usual you can download the latest Gmu version here at This release comes with some new features as well as some bug fixes.

The major changes since the last release are:

  • New introduction/help screen explaining the most important functions and their button mappings
  • Gmu now remembers the current track and position on exit and resumes on the next start at the same position (can be disabled)
  • Support for LIRC remote controls has been added (hardware supported by LIRC is neccessary to use that feature)
  • Dingoo: Support for the hold/lock switch has been added
  • Dingoo: Support for the new OpenDingux kernel has been added
  • Pandora: Initial support for the Pandora handheld has been included

Please note that the Pandora support is still experimental.

Attention Ben NanoNote users: Make sure to delete the files located in /root/.config/gmu after updating, so Gmu uses its new configuration. (GP2X and Wiz version, 740 kB) (Dingoo A320/A330 version, 680 kB)
gmu_0.7.1-1_xburst.ipk (Ben NanoNote package, 160 kB)
gmu-0.7.1-test.pnd (Pandora test version, 1.6 MB)
gmu-0.7.1.tar.gz (Gmu source, GPLv2, 180 kB)
racuna (web) says:
2010-07-04 20:59:00
AWESOME!!! you fuckin rulz bro!.
Gmu Music Player 0.7.1 « DingooBR – Tudo sobre o console dos retrogamers! (web) says:
2010-07-06 03:32:00
[...] DOWNLOAD [...]
None (web) says:
2010-07-09 07:12:00
Sweet. This is the best music player on the dingoo.

I’ve been wondering how do you get it to read embedded lyrics? I’ve tried saving the lyrics under LYRICS, UNSYNCED LYRICS, and UNSYNCEDLYRICS with no luck. Only way I can get it to display lyrics is to export them with mp3tag as a text file matching the song’s file name but that’s tedious to do for multiple files.
wejp (web) says:
2010-07-09 09:29:00
Gmu supports unsynced lyrics. I parse the standard ID3v2 tag ‘USLT’. Files containing this tag should work fine. Could you explain what you did exactly to save lyrics in your files? Maybe then I can figure out what is going wrong.
None (web) says:
2010-07-09 10:36:00
I’m using LyricsPlugin in foobar2000 to save the lyrics. According the the configuration it’s saving it to the LYRICS field. I know foobar writes tags as ID3v2.4 and that’s known to cause problems with some software/hardware but I don’t know if that’s causing the problem here.

I tried importing the lyrics to the USLT field with mp3tag but it didn’t make a difference.
wejp (web) says:
2010-07-09 14:56:00
Gmu supports both ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 so this should not cause any problems. Maybe The LyricsPlugin saves the lyrics in a different format or there is a bug in Gmu.
It would be very heldful if you could send me a tiny mp3 file via e-mail (see About page for my e-mail address) with embedded lyrics, so I can analyze that file. The file does not need to be an entire song, but it should have a ID3 tag with lyrics. A silent file with a playtime of only a few seconds is just fine. Thanks.
None (web) says:
2010-07-10 04:06:00
alright. email sent.
wejp (web) says:
2010-07-10 04:06:00
Thanks for the mail. This was helpful indeed. This is not a bug in Gmu, but the foobar2000 lyrics plugin saves the lyrics in a non-standard way. Instead of using the standard lyrics field USLT it uses the general text field TXXX with description ‘LYRICS’. As it is not that difficult to support lyrics stored that way as well, I’ll probably add support for that in one of the next Gmu versions.
Your second file does not seem to include plain text lyrics at all. Also, there is no USLT field at all. So I’m not sure what to do about those files.
None (web) says:
2010-07-11 00:50:00
Huh, that’s weird. I guess I’ll just use the txt file method to display the lyrics for now. I don’t know if I can correctly embed the lyrics for Gmu with the programs I currently use.
Thanks for the help anyway.
jirka (web) says:
2010-07-12 14:27:00

many thanks for the GMU! I frequently use it on my NanoNote. It’s a great music player, I must say.

Is it possible to turn off the screen saving feature? (ideally by some key during runtime) Sometimes I want to work with the NanoNote with music in background. But the GMU frequently switches off the screen for all consoles which is anoying.
wejp (web) says:
2010-07-12 15:03:00
jirka: You can tell Gmu not to turn off the screen by editing Gmu’s main config file (gmu.nanonote.conf). You need to change the line



jirka (web) says:
2010-07-13 08:44:00
Many thanks.

Does GMU support any king od local configuration file (in home directory)?
jirka (web) says:
2010-07-13 10:06:00
Well, tried to change to SecondsUntilBacklightPowerOff=0 in /etc/gmu/gmu.nanonote.conf and behaviour is still the same :-( Is it the right file?
wejp (web) says:
2010-07-13 10:48:00
On the Ben NanoNote Gmu places its config file in the user’s home directory under ~/.config/gmu/gmu.nanonote.conf. When you run Gmu for the first time, it copies the config file from /etc. Then it always uses the config file in ~/.config/gmu/ so you need to edit that one. If you are running Gmu as root this should be under /root/.config/gmu/ .
jirka (web) says:
2010-07-15 12:59:00
Oops, I tried to find something like ~/.gmu/ :-(
Many thanks!
Brian Churchwell (web) says:
2010-07-20 21:15:00
Is it possible to get FLAC working on the NanoNote? I have installed libflac and then copied from the Dingoo package but Gmu still says file not found when loading

Otherwise I’m very happy with Gmu. I have BashPodder working on the NanoNote and the two of them combined make a great podcast machine.
wejp (web) says:
2010-07-20 22:41:00
FLAC should now be possible on the NanoNote as libFLAC in OpenWRT has been updated to a more recent version. It should probably also work by using the decoder plugin ( from the Dingux release, but I haven’t tried it myself. Maybe I’ll create a new build of the current version with FLAC support, if I find some time to do that. If not, either the next Ben NanoNote firmware version should come with a Gmu version with FLAC support enabled, or I’ll just release the next Gmu version which I’ll compile with FLAC support for the NanoNote of course. Either way, FLAC support will be available on the NanoNote rather soon.
xdpirate (web) says:
2010-08-17 08:44:57
I just have to say, that this player is awesome, I use it both on my Dingoo and on my NanoNote. Keep up the awesome work bro!
Alex (web) says:
2010-09-14 17:48:55
Hey! Watching the screencaps & the features it looks like a great piece of work, but I can't run it on my GP2X F-200 with 4.1.1 Firmware. Do I need the Open2X firmware to run it?
wejp (web) says:
2010-09-15 10:20:43
Alex: Yes, you will need Open2X. The reasons for that are 1) I only have Open2X on my GP2X, so I can't test it properly with non-Open2X firmwares and 2) with the very old userland of the original firmware (including 4.1.1), you most likely need to build applications statically, but statically compiled binaries cannot dynamically load shared libraries. Gmu heavily relies on being able to do just that (decoders and frontends are implemented as loadable plugins).
You could try to compile Gmu yourself, though. If you succeed in dynamically linking against the old GP2X libraries, it might work. It would be nice if you could let me know, if you manage to do that.
sucotronic (web) says:
2010-11-06 16:22:29
Thanks from another happy user of gmu in BNN.

The only 'drawback' is the lack of mp3 support, but I find a way to play it here:

Maybe for next release you can include the mp3 libraries by default :P

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