Gmu Music Player 0.7.2 released

2010-12-29 14:58
Here is another Gmu release with several new features and bugfixes. Once again Gmu is available for several platforms: GP2X, GP2X Wiz, Dingoo A320/A330, Ben Nanonote, Pandora Handheld and for the first time the Zipit Z2. Caanoo users please have a look here.

Gmu 0.7.2
The Zipit is kind of special in that there is no operating system everyone uses, so it isn't really possible to create a package that everyone can use. I have included Gmu in my little Linux system for the Z2, though. Also I am including a Z2 package here which should work for those root filesystems which are based on uClibc.

Changes since the last release:
  • Speex decoder plugin for playing .spx files
  • Autoscroll feature: Gmu can automatically scroll the playlist view to the currently played track
  • Command line tool for controling Gmu (can also work over the network)
  • Pandora: Gmu window can be closed by clicking the close button
  • Pandora: Fullscreen option added (press F to toggle fullscreen)
  • Support for the Zipit Z2 platform
  • Bugfix: Time display was only partly visible when playtime/length was above 99:99
  • Bugfix: The display backlight power-off timer was not being disabled when switching to another virtual terminal (Ben Nanonote/Zipit Z2)
  • Simplified process of adding new platforms/devices
  • Some other changes and bugfixes I forgot to mention

Pandora users: It seems on some Pandoras Gmu does not remember its settings, which is not a bug in Gmu but a bug with the PND system. In such cases Gmu simply cannot store its configuration. If you are in doubt, please check if there are Gmu's config files on your SD card under /pandora/appdata/gmu-7. In those cases where storing the settings did not work, sometimes there were subdirectories with strange names (with several dots or commas in it name) in that /pandora/appdata/gmu-7 directory. You might also want to try to remove the gmu-7 directory and then start Gmu.

Ben NanoNote users: To be able to use some new features and key mappings you need to remove your user config directory before running Gmu. Simply delete /root/.config/gmu/

GP2X users: This release works with the Open2X firmware only. When you are still using the old GPH firmware, please use Gmu 0.6.3 instead. (GP2X & Wiz version)
906 KB, md5sum: e32790b0190df70b1c15efd4f34a0952 (Dingoo version)
868 KB, md5sum: 080cda8e2a90d2a49fa6f3b30faeb97b

gmu-0.7.2.pnd (Pandora version)
1.9 MB, md5sum: d1bf927cb3292d594975b997c1075f58

gmu_0.7.2-1_xburst.ipk (Ben Nanonote package)
166 KB, md5sum: 7c7738ebed53b7c82a0693c7d71d3e27

libspeex_1.2beta3.2-2_xburst.ipk (Ben Nanonote libspeex package)
50 KB, md5sum: 130aaf255e589cc0f12cf33ed11d62ea (Zipit Z2 uClibc version)
394 KB, md5sum: 75d6794c2feca4439cc95e561bd5699f

gmu-0.7.2.tar.gz (GPLv2 source)
221 KB, md5sum: dea481ab0f8f9f10b38aa21605dbb18d
Gundolf Knut Feinbein (web) says:
2011-01-04 21:44:24
Leandro (web) says:
2011-09-03 13:27:59
Buddy, dingoo version cant be downloaded (broken link) :-(
wej (web) says:
2011-09-03 14:44:23
Leandro: Please use the newer version for the moment. I'll fix the old download links soon, but may I ask why you want to use the old 0.7.2 version?
frankie (web) says:
2011-09-28 04:05:34
VNV nation is the shizznizzle!!!11!!1

Also, Thanks for the size comparison picture. That was mighty nice of you. :)
Gesa Menspenden (web) says:
2018-03-02 06:59:28