Gmu 0.10.0 released!

2016-07-13 19:18
Attention! There is a newer version available!

Here is a new release of the Gmu Music Player. Version 0.10.0 comes with a couple of new features and bugfixes. Also, lots of code has been changed/rewritten for better quality, security and performance. Since Gmu turns 10 this year (I released the first version of Gmu for the GP2X back in 2006), 0.10.0 seems like a suitable version number for this anniversary release.

Gmu setup dialog

Noteworthy new features and bugfixes:
  • A configuration dialog in the SDL frontend for configuring lots of Gmu settings previously configurable through the config file only is now included
  • Gmu now stores its configuration and playlist information in XDG compliant locations (typically ~/.config/gmu and ~/.local/share/gmu)
  • An Ogg Opus decoder plugin for decoding Opus audio files
  • A new module decoder plugin using the OpenMPT decoder library
  • An experimental media library feature (disabled by default; only usable from gmuc currently)
  • Optional fade-out on skip feature (fades out the current track when user explicitly chooses another track)
  • A few fixes for supporting musl libc based systems
  • More robust networking code in gmuc (faster detection of lost connection) and Gmu
  • Command line mode for gmuc utility for controlling Gmu through command line commands e.g. "gmuc play /path/to/file.ogg" or "gmuc pause"
  • Improved build system with a configure script for auto detecting features (not autotools based)
This is mostly a source release right now, but I have built a version for the Z2 as well. It has been built using mozzwald's OpenWRT toolchain, so it runs on OpenWRT with musl libc.

Source gmu-0.10.0.tar.gz (493 KB)
md5sum: 6fda24acfd63bbda56e5fe227b2e5027

Zipit Z2 OpenWRT build (475 KB)
md5sum: b746a7595e58f5b2360661c85de49cba

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