Gmu 0.9.0 released

2013-02-15 22:06
It's been a long time, but here I am, back with a new Gmu release.

Gmu with default theme with new nice large font

Gmu 0.9.0 comes with the lots of changes (and some bug fixes). Some of the most important ones are:
  • A much nicer large font (Pandora default and compo themes, pixeled by hand :)
  • Some additional characters in both large and small fonts (including the µ character due to popular request)
  • A new ncurses terminal text frontend for Gmu (usable over the network!)
  • Experimental WebSocket browser interface (also usable over the network)
  • Support for Joystick axis control in SDL frontend (to support devices like the Caanoo, that come with analog controls exposed as a joystick)
  • The current playmode is now always visible in playlist view in the SDL frontend
  • Gmu has been changed such that it uses UTF-8 encoding internally for all text
  • Support for building Gmu statically has been added (in addition to the default configuration where Gmu's frontends and decoders are build as runtime loadable plugins)
Gmu ncurses interface
This release comes with support for the GPH Caanoo for the first time. As I still do not own a Caanoo myself, there still might be a few glitches here and there. Also, powering down the display backlight on the Caanoo does not work, yet. If anyone has useful information on how to do that on the Caanoo, you are very welcome to get in contact with me. Thanks to zLoud for helping me test Gmu on the real hardware and weed out a few bugs!

Besides the experimental Caanoo binary package, I provide a Pandora PND package.

As this release of Gmu takes part in the DragonBox coding competition, both versions come with a special DragonBox coding competition theme, which is enabled by default.

Of course there is the full source available for those of you, who want to build their own binary for other platforms.

I'll probably supply a few additional binary packages for other platforms (GP2X, Dingoo, Zipit Z2, Ben Nanonote) in a few days.

gmu-0.9.0-dbcompo.pnd (Pandora package, 2.5 MB)
md5sum: ac7e0c53b3e13608cf7e19fb2bfaefbe ) (Caanoo package, 0.7 MB)
md5sum: 2083663f57416e42d22e15b989bb4c74

gmu-0.9.0.tar.gz (Source, GPLv2, 0.5 MB)
md5sum: cdd1c2f40b88d71b9a4bb802bafcc792


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