Gmu status update

2012-05-08 13:55
Since it has been a little quiet around the Gmu development, I wanted to give short sign of life.
First of all, there will be new versions of Gmu in the (rather near) future. I know this is pretty vague, but I can't give you a more precise time frame right now. I usually don't even give out information what will happen in the future. Instead I usually just release stuff when it is ready. It is a hobby project after all and I work on it as time permits. In this case I felt I should at least say something, since a lot of people have asked me if and when there will be a new Gmu version. The next version will be somewhat more than just the final 0.8.0 version. There will be some nice new features. That's all I can say at the moment. Stay tuned.
sucotronic (web) says:
2012-05-11 13:19:10
Thanks for news! We'll keep tuned.
Nanonote user :)
Hooka (web) says:
2012-05-23 03:12:03
Awesome stuff man! I was kinda sad today when I found out that there is a 9999 file limit in gmu, although that is quite a high limit I still surpassed it by about 8000 songs between my 2 32GB SD cards :P Besides the lack of some cooler functions (like maybe searching, unless it's in there and I didn't notice...) I have thoroughly enjoyed using it on my Wiz, Caanoo and Pandora! Great piece of software and I can't wait to see what you add and fix up in the future!
deeice (web) says:
2012-06-03 16:37:53
I don't know if this has been suggested before, or if it's already possible via command line gmu.conf file selection. But it'd be really nice to be able to choose an alternate playlist.m3u file on the command line. Then I could have 2 icons for gmu in gmenu2x on the zipit. One for home (with wifi) that loads an internet radio playlist, and one for the road that loads a playlist from the SD card. That way the SD card playlist matches the music on the SD card.
wej (web) says:
2012-06-03 20:00:01
Interesting idea, deeice. I'll put that on my todo/wishlist. Shouldn't be that difficult to implement. Right now you can configure a list of playlist presets to which you can save your playlist and later load it back. That can't be done through the command line right now, so it is not scriptable yet.

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