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Gmu 0.8.0BETA1 released

2011-06-08 13:18
Here is a new Gmu release with some new (long awaited) features. The two most notable features are internet streaming audio support and the graphical spectrum analyzer. Just like with the 0.7.0 series I start the 0.8.0 series with a beta release, mostly because there were many changes to the code base.

Gmu (track info view with spectrum analyzer)

Changes since the last release include:
  • Internet streaming audio support on network-enabled devices (for web radio, currently mp3 only)
  • Graphical spectrum analyzer
  • Support for PLS playlist files
  • Fixed time display bug for very long playtimes
  • Window icon for platforms running Gmu in a windowed environment
  • By default Gmu's file browser now advances to the next file when adding a file (optional)
Probably less interesing for the ordinary user:
  • Configurable verbosity on stdout (with the -v flag)
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Updated Arch Linux for the Pandora

2011-05-31 16:53
I have prepared an updated Arch Linux image for the Pandora. It is more user-friendly than the previous version, as I have preconfigured more things. It also comes with the updated kernel that I had released a while ago.

Major changes since the last version:
  • Updated kernel (with properly working keyboard support)
  • Display brightness control works with the same buttons as used by the Pandora OS
  • The Openbox menu can be opened by pressing the Pandora button
  • The Openbox menu's contents can be easily updated to consider newly installed programs (from the openbox menu under openbox3 select "update menu" to recreate the menu's contents, then "reconfigure" to tell Openbox to use the new configuration)
  • I have included the wicd network manager with its GTK+ interface for easy network configuration
  • Preconfigured touchscreen and nubs
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PlugApps Pandora kernel update

2011-05-03 12:50
As all of you who have tried the PlugApps image for the Pandora have probably noticed, the kernel shipping with that image has a bug causing the keyboard to behave strangely.

I was able to track down the bug to the gpio_keys driver and more precisely to a patch, which introduced that bug. I have reverted that patch and built a new kernel. With the new kernel the keyboard works much better. So I highly recommend to install the new kernel package.

(4.8 MB, md5sum: 478eeab8be42a9edefb830f71dbbd6cd)

To install the new kernel, download the package and then run as root:
# pacman -Uf /path/to/kernel26-pandora-
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PlugApps Linux on the Pandora handheld

2011-03-19 17:30
PlugApps is an Arch Linux port for the ARM architecture. Recently I have installed PlugApps Linux on my Zipit Z2. Today I have installed it on my Pandora console.

Arch Linux (PlugApps) on the Pandora console

As it seems that quite a few people are interested in running Arch Linux on the Pandora, I have prepared a ready-to-run rootfs for the Pandora.
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Gmu Music Player 0.7.2 released

2010-12-29 14:58
Here is another Gmu release with several new features and bugfixes. Once again Gmu is available for several platforms: GP2X, GP2X Wiz, Dingoo A320/A330, Ben Nanonote, Pandora Handheld and for the first time the Zipit Z2. Caanoo users please have a look here.

Gmu 0.7.2
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